What does PLUS SIZE mean to you?

I hosted a Girls Game Night this past Friday night and my girlfriends wanted to me tell them what was happening with the website and the blog. They were all so excited for me and it felt good to have the support. But one of my besties said that she wanted to read things of more substance on my blog. She reminded me that my initial impetus for starting the site was to really open a dialogue among women of all sizes to talk about what the media has done to screw with our heads when it comes to body image. I’m so grateful for her honesty, and so this blog is dedicated to my pal C.

There were women of all shapes and sizes at the party, including a plus size model.  One of the questions that came up was whether or not the term “plus size” is outdated. As a woman who is a size 16, I don’t really like that I have to label myself as being plus size. Does a thin woman have to say she is a “minus size?” No. Why can’t we just be women? Plain and simple. What does size really have to do with anything. Does it define our interests, careers, hobbies, sex life, fashion choices, etc.? Do you want to be assigned an adjective that says nothing about you other than you probably wear a size 14+? How does having that assignation affect you? How do you want to be referred to? Have you let your size define who you are what you are doing with your life? Why or why not? These are the burning questions I pose to you. Join the discussion and offer your thoughts on the subject.

CELLULITE–Embrace It Already!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so freakin’ tired of reading about magical cellulite creams that will remove so called unsightly skin dimpling.  The fact is, 95% of women have cellulite. That’s right, pretty much all women have those fatty deposits that cause our skin to look a bit uneven.  Models and actresses have it, but we don’t see it because their photos get airbrushed.  We have been sold a bill of goods by the media and cosmetic companies that want us to buy their useless products.  

They want us to believe that we are ugly and unworthy because we have cellulite. They want us to believe that if we use their special potions, that our lives will become improve drastically.  It’s total BULL For years they have caused women to feel less than for what is a normal occurrence. The reason women are prone to cellulite is because we tend to have thinner skin and carry more fat than men do. It’s just a fact. Although cellulite may be more prominent on heavier women, it does not necessarily go away if you lose weight. It can be genetic too. Accept the fact that you are like the majority of women and you’ll save yourself the agony of hating your thighs, butt, stomach, arms, blah, blah, blah!!  So, it’s fine to keep on exercising and eating well.  It’s good to be kind to your body.  But don’t make yourself crazy trying to rid yourself of what makes you a woman.  Embrace it and you will empower yourself and others.