Hey, What’s Your Number Baby?

I’m thinking of the song by the Morris Day and the Time, 777-9311, which was part of my wedding dance performance this past February (that’s another story for another time).  I got the song stuck in my head this week and it got me thinking about our obsession with numbers: age, weight, size, height, and the number of diets you’ve been on this year alone.  God, it’s all so dull.   Don’t we have anything else to think about?  I get it, I’ve been there, hell sometimes I still go there, but it’s so exhausting.  Let’s just all take a break, shall we?

Get off the fucking scale already

If you weren’t thinking about how much you weighed or the stupid size tag on your jeans, what would you do with all that free time?  Seriously, many women, whether we are thin, fat or somewhere in between, obsess about or bodies a good part of the day.  “What will I wear today? Does that make me look fat? Maybe I should go on a diet.  I look so fat, therefore I suck.  My life is over as I know it.”  

Here’s what I started doing with my time when I finally got sick and bored of thinking about my body all fucking day long:
  1. Writing my awesome blog.
  2. Going dancing and letting my back fat jiggle in rhythm to the music.
  3. Swimming–yep!!
  4. Making new friends with my winning personality and dazzling smile.
  5. Putting on clothes that fit, feel good regardless of the size tag. I even cut the tags out so I won’t obsess. Try it. It works.
  6. Reading–oh how I love to get wrapped up in a good book.
  7. Spending quality time with my husband.  He’s so darn cute, I can’t stand it!
  8. Throwing and going to fabulous parties and wearing sleeveless dresses that feature my ample arms. Case in point–fab party last Saturday at the Conga Room:
Look at those arms, baby!

9.  Traveling! I went to Turkey and Kenya last year and I actually got to experience their beauty and wonder without worrying about thigh rub. No, really.
10.  Creating the Curvy Sexy Chic empire.  Are you ready for me?

What could you do with your new found freedom from body obsession?  As much as I detest the hashtag, I’m gonna use it here cuz it works.  


Ciao for Niao,

4 Reasons I Love My Thighs

I have always had big thighs. Even when I weighed 140 pounds and wore a size 8 in high school, my thighs were big.  I can remember thinking how dreadfully ugly they were and wishing they were small, elegant and waif-like.  I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror without bottoms on. And being seen in a swimsuit was the most mortifying thing I could think of.  Pool parties were out of the question. And when I did swim, it was with a very long t-shirt that covered my everything.

My thick thighs!

When I look at photos from when I was 14 and 15, I realize that my body was beautiful. My thighs were long and strong.  They fit my body.  I had an athletic build. I wish I had know how lovely I was back then. I would have saved myself a lot of anguish and let myself experience more of life.  It’s been a long time coming, but I am arriving at a place of self-acceptance with my body today.  This past weekend, while I was relaxing at home in a colorful mu-mu, I crossed my thick legs and stared at them for a while.  They are still lovely after all these years, and I weigh much more than I did then. There are plenty of great reasons to admire these gams, and here are just a few:

1.  They are strong!  My legs carry me all day long, and for the most part they don’t complain.

2.  They are soft and cuddly–just ask my hubby.

3.  My thighs look damn good in jeans, especially skinny  jeans.  

4.  I don’t have hair on my thighs–it simply doesn’t grow there.  So I don’t have to shave them–EVER.  Lucky me!

Feel free to share this. I think it’s awesome!

Name a part of your body that you’ve had trouble loving and claim it as perfect.  Your body is a gift. Speak well of it and and treat it with respect.  Love it and it will love you back!

Ciao for Niao,

3 Ways to Practice Body Serenity

What is serenity anyway?  The dictionary defines serenity as being free and clear of storms or unpleasant change;  shining bright and steady.  Wouldn’t you like to feel that way about your body?  I think it’s absolutely possible no matter what you think your body looks like.  Though like most worthwhile things, they do require time and effort on your part.  But, at the end you’ll feel so good about yourself it will have been worth it.  So, here are 3 ways to begin getting serenity around your body and self-image today:

  1. FOCUS ON WHAT YOUR BODY CAN DO, rather than what it looks like.  If you’re lucky, you have legs to walk on, fingers to type with, eyes to see with and a voice to speak with.  We so often take these things for granted.  But imagine if you took away the ability to use just one of your body parts…now that’s a real challenge.  When you begin to honor all the amazing things your body can do, it’s hard to scold it for not looking a certain way.  Treat your body with respect and daily appreciate all that it does for you.  If you need to, I suggest writing a gratitude list of 5 things your body did for you each day for a month.  You will see and feel the difference in your attitude.                                                                                
  2. NO MORE COMPARE AND DESPAIR.  Comparing ourselves to other people is a useless pastime. The grass is always greener, so they say.  Usually when we are comparing ourselves to other people, we are projecting some fabulous life we think they have because they look a certain way.  In fact, most of us make all sorts of assumptions about people based on their appearances.  We say and think things like: He’s fat so he must be lazy;  She’s thin and has nice clothes, so she must be  happy.  Think about all the WRONG assumptions people have made about you.  Don’t they make you angry?  They should!  We have absolutely no idea what a person’s self-esteem is like based on outward appearance.  Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself.  How can you be a better you?  And I don’t mean physically (unless that’s a goal you have).  I mean be a better human being and do nice things for others.  Be a giver rather than a taker.  That will certainly get you out of a compare and despair mindset.
  3. START MEDITATING.  Okay, so I know this doesn’t appeal to some of you, but give it a chance before you decide meditation is not for you.  I started meditating for about 3 minutes a day a couple of years ago.  Yes, that’s all it really takes.  Before I meditate, I find a comfortable position (lying flat on my back or sitting upright with my legs crossed) and then pick something to meditate on.  For example, one day I decided to meditate on SELF-LOVE.  With my eyes closed, and the timer set, I would inhale a deep breath and silently say to myself, SELF.  On the outward breath, I would silently say LOVE.  I did this for 3 minutes.  I’m not perfect, so occasionally my mind wanders, but then I gently come back to the meditation. What this does is  really set my mind in a positive direction for the day.  When I find myself wanting to say negative things to myself, I can pause, find a quiet place and meditate again until I feel calmer–even for just 30 seconds.  Try it, it really works!  Other great meditation topics are: All is well in my world or I am perfect as I am.  Come up with your own ideas and enjoy the process!


Mindy Kaling is My Shero

Ok, so am I the only one who is in love with Fox’s The Mindy Project?  I am addicted to this show and it’s sexy, curvy star and writer/ producer, Mindy Kaling.  She plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri on the hit comedy series.  This is one hot mama who is not only smart and funny as hell, but she also owns her curves.  She is one to watch and I’ve added her to my photo gallery on the website because she is such an inspiration to women everywhere.  

I don’t know about you, but I love this trend we’re finally seeing of average and plus sized women like Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham and Rebel Wilson getting the cute guy, not despite their appearance, but because of it.  They have real bodies and represent what most American women look like.  And while shows like The Mindy Project sometimes make a point to suggest the character should lose about 15 pounds, Mindy completely owns her figure and poo poo’s the notion that she isn’t sexy just as she is. Can we PLEASE have more of these women on TV and in movies?  The media seems to think they won’t get ratings or sell tickets, but I think the opposite is true.  I think female TV viewers in particular are sick and tired of idolizing a single body type in Hollywood.  What do YOU think?

Who is your favorite Curvy Sexy Chic Star, and why?

Recommitting to YOU and ME!

This past year has been incredibly amazing in every way. I have been planning my wedding with the love of my life (we are getting married on Groundhog Day of 2013). I visited Turkey and Kenya over the summer.  I have been on a spiritual journey of self-acceptance. I have put on a bathing suit and gone swimming in front of strangers!  I have made new friendships and let toxic ones go.  I have laughed and cried and danced and sung.  What I have not done, is paid any attention to my blog or my website, Curvy Sexy Chic.  

Gabi Gregg looking fierce!

For the year ahead, I want to rededicate myself to this endeavor which was born two years ago.  I was inspired to start it because I feel there need to be more spaces for women with regular bodies to feel good about themselves.  And today there are many blogs and websites that cater to our tribe:  Plus Model Magazine, Curvy Girl Chic, The Curvy Fashionista, Gabi Fresh and many more.  I love reading all these blogs.  There is wonderful information and incredible inspiration to be had everywhere!

I resolve to rejoin the plus size community and be part of the solution instead of the problem.  I commit to posting the following on my website and blog this year:

-Fabulous pictures of real women and plus size models who represent us, wearing chic clothes and defining their own styles.

Featuring a new plus size woman or model each week who is loving herself and making a positive impact on the plus size community.

-Useful resources, including links to blogs, websites and fashion designers that make clothes for Curvy Sexy Chic women like you and me!

    On a separate note, I am also recommitting to getting back to modeling and acting.  I realize now that they are two of my many passions, and that I must pursue them.   I can feed the fear of thinking I’m not good enough or thin enough, or I can feed my spirit and trust the positive voices that tell me I can be AMAZING.   I choose the latter!  I firmly believe that we need more actresses who represent what real women look like.  Our obsession with thinness must be stopped! We must start a size revolution if we want to see change in our society.  I want young girls to see role models of all sizes on the screen and beyond. Stay tuned for more on this topic in the year ahead!

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be back with a new zeal and a pep in my step.  Thank you to all my fans, past, present and future.  I really look forward to hearing from you and making Curvy Sexy Chic a place you’ll want to visit often.  Until then, be well and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    With love and light,


    New Year’s Resolutions…Do They Really Work?

    It’s 2012, and if you are like the millions of other women out there who are resolving to lose weight this year, it’s time to find a new resolution!  Resolutions to lose weight and exercise more are usually bound for frustration and breakdown because they set you up to fail.  As women we put so much pressure on ourselves to have this perfect body (whatever that means).  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can begin the new year in self-care and self-acceptance by simply loving who you are one day at a time.  And P.S., you don’t have to wait for January 1st to do it!

    Many people get so caught up in the tradition of resolutions that they avoid making changes the rest of the year.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s bad to want to be better and feel better;  striving for peace of mind and contentment are wonderful resolutions. However, punishing our bodies for the sake of fitting into society’s twisted views of beauty is another thing entirely.  Being our best selves is about loving our bodies and ourselves no matter what we weigh or what size our jeans are.  

    And so I propose that you resolve to celebrate your muffin top, cellulite, dimples and soft flesh today and every day.  As Mark Twain said, “A woman cannot be comfortable without her own approval.” AMEN!  You can also practice this principle by telling other women how beautiful they are too.  Pay it forward and help the world see that there is so much more to life than being obsessed with our bodies.  Our bodies are a God given gift.  We get to borrow these bodies temporarily, so treat them well, respect them, speak well of them and they will be good to you.  That’s it.

    I wish you a happy new year, full of confidence, self-acceptance and a willingness to do things just a little differently today.


    P.S. In addition to continuing to love myself this year, I also resolve to blog more and do my share of paying it forward 🙂

    CELLULITE–Embrace It Already!!

    I don’t know about you, but I’m so freakin’ tired of reading about magical cellulite creams that will remove so called unsightly skin dimpling.  The fact is, 95% of women have cellulite. That’s right, pretty much all women have those fatty deposits that cause our skin to look a bit uneven.  Models and actresses have it, but we don’t see it because their photos get airbrushed.  We have been sold a bill of goods by the media and cosmetic companies that want us to buy their useless products.  

    They want us to believe that we are ugly and unworthy because we have cellulite. They want us to believe that if we use their special potions, that our lives will become improve drastically.  It’s total BULL For years they have caused women to feel less than for what is a normal occurrence. The reason women are prone to cellulite is because we tend to have thinner skin and carry more fat than men do. It’s just a fact. Although cellulite may be more prominent on heavier women, it does not necessarily go away if you lose weight. It can be genetic too. Accept the fact that you are like the majority of women and you’ll save yourself the agony of hating your thighs, butt, stomach, arms, blah, blah, blah!!  So, it’s fine to keep on exercising and eating well.  It’s good to be kind to your body.  But don’t make yourself crazy trying to rid yourself of what makes you a woman.  Embrace it and you will empower yourself and others.