Wet Seal Plus Opens its Doors to the Fashion Forward Curvy Woman

If you haven’t already heard that Wet Seal Plus is opening several stores across the country, then you are likely living under an unfashionable rock.  I had the pleasure of interviewing the company’s VP of Marketing and Ecommerce, Christine MacGregor.  This curvy powerhouse was formerly the Director of Marketing for Torrid when it opened its doors in 2001.  And if you’re a curvy girl like me, then you know what it was like when that store opened. Tears and gasps of joy could be heard throughout dressing rooms across the country. 

The plus size clothing industry has made leaps and bounds in recent years, with many more options available to us online. But we don’t often get the experience of shopping in a store at the mall that is marketed directly toward us.  Yes, Lane Bryant and Avenue are old timers, but they their looks are more conservative and perhaps geared toward an older crowd.  Wet Seal Plus offers on trend pieces at affordable prices in sizes 14-24.  The fashion choices are vast and anyone can find something that will make them wanna yell, “Damn, I’m hot!” 

Wet Seal and Wet Seal Plus stores will replace Arden B, which went out of business, at your local shopping mall. Many locations will carry sizes 00 to a 24 in one store. This unique approach to marketing the brand has proved to be very successful with customers.  “She wants the same assortment. She doesn’t want to look different…She wants to look fashionable,” says MacGregor of the plus size consumer.

Now let’s talk fashion!  If you’re a jeans girl, you will love their assortment of colors, styles and fits. I see a pair of destroyed skinny jeans my near future. Dresses and jumpsuits in funky patterns abound!  And I do love a jumpsuit, honey!  And if you can’t live without a cami, then Wet Seal Plus won’t disappoint you. They carry lots of lovely colors, and even an animal print!  Ding, ding, ding – jackpot!

I have a few favorites, which I’ve managed to integrate seamlessly into my wardrobe.  I love bold patterns and flowy fabrics, which appeal to my ethnic-boho style.   

Christine MacGregor is passionate about plus fashion.  Her dedication to providing the curvy customer with a great fit, at a great price and a positive in-store experience, is what will likely contribute to the success of the new brand.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and my credit card on deck. Wet Seal Plus will be a regular stop on my visits to the mall!

Events will be happening across the country for the grand opening this Saturday, August 16th. The brand will also be doing a model search. Get more information here.

Instagrtam Trolls Try to Shame the Body Positive Movement Without Success

I’m quite active on Instagram, and I love that we can use it as a tool for body positive activism.  Women donning crop tops and fatkinis make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  They are freeing themselves from our diet culture and thin-centric society by being bold and unabashed about their rolls, stretchmarks and cellulite!  I use emoticons and encouraging words to support them on their journeys toward self-love. 

And on occasion, I  post selfies in solidarity. 

Today I posted this picture of myself with the hashtag #bellyrealness created by Michelle of  Zaftig Times. 

And most of the comments were uplifting and full of love. But, the Instagram trolls always seem to  try and shame us out of our self-acceptance.  Below are some examples of the comments I’ve received.


So, how do we stay positive when folks like these want to shut us down?  You post this instead:

When I first starting getting these kinds of comments, I was so upset. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to be so hurtful.  But I realized it’s not about me.  It’s about them. It’s about the self-hate they haven’t dealt with. It’s about having too much free time on their hands. It’s about hiding behind the veil of Instagram so they don’t have to actually dialogue with anyone. More often than not, I now have compassion for these broken souls. Most of them have only a handful of followers (who are equally lost) and I always report and block them because I don’t tolerate hate.

And then, I move on to bigger and better things. Pun intended.

In solidarity,