What does PLUS SIZE mean to you?

I hosted a Girls Game Night this past Friday night and my girlfriends wanted to me tell them what was happening with the website and the blog. They were all so excited for me and it felt good to have the support. But one of my besties said that she wanted to read things of more substance on my blog. She reminded me that my initial impetus for starting the site was to really open a dialogue among women of all sizes to talk about what the media has done to screw with our heads when it comes to body image. I’m so grateful for her honesty, and so this blog is dedicated to my pal C.

There were women of all shapes and sizes at the party, including a plus size model.  One of the questions that came up was whether or not the term “plus size” is outdated. As a woman who is a size 16, I don’t really like that I have to label myself as being plus size. Does a thin woman have to say she is a “minus size?” No. Why can’t we just be women? Plain and simple. What does size really have to do with anything. Does it define our interests, careers, hobbies, sex life, fashion choices, etc.? Do you want to be assigned an adjective that says nothing about you other than you probably wear a size 14+? How does having that assignation affect you? How do you want to be referred to? Have you let your size define who you are what you are doing with your life? Why or why not? These are the burning questions I pose to you. Join the discussion and offer your thoughts on the subject.

i LOVE accessories!!

I absolutely LOVE accessories.  An entire outfit can be changed by simply changing a few things.  Below I have two looks that start with a simple tank and  a skinny cargo pant.  In the top outfit, I chose a traditional cardigan and classic accessories paired with timeless leopard flats.  The second outfit features a more bohemian chic look, with peep toe booties, wood bangles, a paisley scarf and gorgeous gold dangling earring.  Which one do you like most?


My Lipstick Adventure

RED LIPSTICK! It’s my new favorite accessory. There was a time when I was scared to bare scarlett lips.  Surely I would look like eit her a hussy or just plain trying too hard.  But I decided to flirt outside of my comfort zone and plunge in headfirst into the sea of red rouge.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on this new experiment, so I went to Target and tried on a bunch of different colors.  I tried Maybelline’s Sweet Nectar, Very Cherry and Summer Sunset–too pink, too orange, too bad . None of them were right.  But there was just one more shade of red which had been put back in the wrong place–where Pinkalicious should have been. I popped the top, and swiveled the stick called, Red Revival. It felt smooth on my lips, but the real test was the color.  As I hesitatingly looked into the mirror, I was transformed!! I was neither hussy, nor trying too hard.  I was just cool. Red lipstick is my new friend.  Stay tuned as I experiment with more colors.

CELLULITE–Embrace It Already!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so freakin’ tired of reading about magical cellulite creams that will remove so called unsightly skin dimpling.  The fact is, 95% of women have cellulite. That’s right, pretty much all women have those fatty deposits that cause our skin to look a bit uneven.  Models and actresses have it, but we don’t see it because their photos get airbrushed.  We have been sold a bill of goods by the media and cosmetic companies that want us to buy their useless products.  

They want us to believe that we are ugly and unworthy because we have cellulite. They want us to believe that if we use their special potions, that our lives will become improve drastically.  It’s total BULL For years they have caused women to feel less than for what is a normal occurrence. The reason women are prone to cellulite is because we tend to have thinner skin and carry more fat than men do. It’s just a fact. Although cellulite may be more prominent on heavier women, it does not necessarily go away if you lose weight. It can be genetic too. Accept the fact that you are like the majority of women and you’ll save yourself the agony of hating your thighs, butt, stomach, arms, blah, blah, blah!!  So, it’s fine to keep on exercising and eating well.  It’s good to be kind to your body.  But don’t make yourself crazy trying to rid yourself of what makes you a woman.  Embrace it and you will empower yourself and others.  

Updating My Wardrobe, A Day at a Time

Lately I’ve been feeling like my wardrobe needs a lift.  I’ve done some major purging, so now I actually have space for new things.  I specifically wanted something with a bold print to liven things up a bit. So I took myself on over to Forever XXI.  They now have a plus size section with some super cute stuff.  I grabbed tons of things and headed to the dressing room.  I tried on some surprisingly flattering pieces, including dresses, sweaters and tops.  What I ended up buying was an adorable abstract print top that I can’t wait to wear. It features ruched gathering  in the front and back, and an adjustable neckline that can take  you from conservative  nighttime chic!  to  I plan to sport it with a cute cardigan, skinny jeans, knee  high suede boots, and my new fedora..  So CHIC!!!  I’ll upload a pic of the new outfit as soon as I can, so keep checking back.  ciao for niao my darlings!

Body Acceptance & Empowerment

It’s a new year–a time for new beginnings and leaving the past where it belongs.  This year, I finally decided to embark on creating my website, CurvySexyChic.com.  I’ve gotten such loving and wonderful feedback from my friends (male, female plush and not), who are telling me that this is a great idea, that it’s long overdue.  I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of the body acceptance movement, and for all the women before me who have taken the bold leap in creating spaces for us to be adored and cherished.  I already know that this year is going to be full of success and adventure. I welcome it with open arms and look forward to creating a community of women who are willing to support each other in a safe and loving environment.  This site is not about bashing thin women, but about celebrating and empowering women of all shapes and sizes.  It can be difficult to change things by ourselves, but together we can accomplish anything.  Today I choose self-love and acceptance!

The Plus Size Girl’s Guide to Skinny Jeans (Part 1)

If you think you’re too thick to wear skinny jeans, think again!  It’s  all about styling and proportion. First of all, make sure your skinny jeans fit.  There is nothing worse than ill fitting jeans.  They should be fitted close to your body, but not so tight that the seams look like they might bust. For plus size women, skinny jeans look great with over sized tops or tunics.  Top it off with a short cardigan or cinch your waist with a cool belt to show off an hourglass figure.  It’s all about layering! If you carry your weight up top, then go with a shorter top (above the hip) and show off those gorgeous legs.  Skinny jeans can be paired with a chic pair of flats for a casual look, or spice it up with a pair of sexy heels to dress things up for evening.  Skinny jeans look especially great with boots.  Tuck them in to a pair of riding boots and top it off with a great jacket for a look that is modern and sleek.  Or you can do a short boot like our idol, Queen Latifah (pictured left).  You can buy skinny jeans and cargos almost anywhere.  I just bought a great pair of ankle-zip skinny cargos at Old Navy for the bargain price of $15.  At that price you can afford to experiment with your personal style.   Keep checking in for more ideas on how to sport this hot trend!

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