1. Yes! However, we must be vigilant….there are those who belong to these very groups who are attempting to shut fat women out. I had to leave two FB pages I belonged to for “empowerment” because of this very thing. It’s almost as if, there isn’t enough room for ALL of us…..when we know damn well there is!!!!

    • I hear you! We all have red blood, but not everyone is ready to make space for people who are different from them. The struggle continues!!

  2. I love the revolutionary sentiment! But I have one qualm. I keep seeing second wave feminism being used as a kind of short hand for exclusionary feminism and I feel like it’s a bit reductive. While it’s important for us to acknowledge the ways in which some aspects of the second wave were exclusionary I’m wary of seeing that whole movement dismissed summarily. I think so much was achieved then that warrants respect even as we hold to account the less inclusive ideologies and more importantly there were so many feminists in the second wave period who were intersectional and as we build on their work we should acknowledge that we are advancing their legacy. A bit off topic, but it’s just something I’ve been seeing a lot and thinking about lately! And I really admire your blog!

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