1. Yes! Fabulous love! Great tips and you look amazing styling the suit is my fave part! I Love prints and am digging the tee especially! Interesting since I own all of three T-shirt’s!

  2. cid style file

    Looking fab! Loving the tips and looks. I wouldn’t have thought to pair a light jacket with a swimsuit but I really like it! I have a couple of suits from previous years but this year I’m feeling I need a new one!! 😊

  3. Yeeeeeesssssss!!! I love this! I have yet to don a fatkini. You look amazeballs! Babe status one million! I really love how you changed it up here, awesoe styling. Side note, I am LOVING your hair!

  4. Fabulous! i can’t decide which look is my fav! Damn you look good in a head wrap!! So glamorous! I’ve never been able to make it look good in any way on myself.


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