1. Carol

    working on this with 52 year old chicken flaps and hair. I’m proud of both. hope others at least won’t notice. hoping someone might be be empowered to do the same. my body is not for other’s scrutiny.

  2. this is perfect and I cannot wait to read Thunder Thighs!!

    My arms were never a cause of concern for me, like, they’re fat, but I never felt the need to hide them. The fat rolls around my armpits are another matter. I’m not sure when or how I came to not care about them showing, but I remember being mortified by them when I was younger. And I know it’s still a hot button issue for my sister.


  3. Yes, mama! My arm issues date back wellinto my early teens. Like you, it was about 3 years ago when I decided to say “fuck off” to my fear of judgment. Since then, life has been much cooler. 😉 see what I did there?

  4. Ugh I still can not go out in public with bare arms…so I admire those women who do and can be confident. Actually for me its not so much the size of my arms, but the fat in my armpits…its so weird how it just built up under my arm pit and bulges out….thats what is holding me back. Worse part is one arm is smaller than other one, it really makes me uneasy exposing that part of my body. One day I know I will be able to say screw it and just let go!!!

    • Yes, one day you will. I struggled for a long time, but I just got so damn tired of being hot and uncomfortable. I look forward to seeing a post from you wearing a tank top in the near future!! xoxo

  5. Oh thank you for saying this! I’ve been so embarrassed by my arms that I wouldn’t wear tank tops. Thank you for showing me that what others think don’t matter. Now I can start working on making my mind believe it 🙂

  6. audra

    This is what I struggle with the most, I don’t just have fat arms, I also have a roll in each arm. Im tired of wearing cardigans over dressed and not feeling comfortable in tank tops. This is inspiring but I don’t know how to make the leap 🙁

    • audra, thanks so much for your comment. i totally understand what you’re feeling. it’s exactly what i felt before i made the leap. you might start with wearing tank tops at home before stepping out into public. i really want you to find freedom and enjoy feeling the sun and wind on your gorgeous arms!! xoxo

  7. Christina

    Hell yes to this article!! I live in Mississippi honey and during the summer it’s either find confidence or have a heat stroke lol. I’m out stretch marks and all.

  8. Ohhhh, how I relate to this — plump, fleshy upper arms w/stretch marks to boot. To help me with my “transition” to being sleeveless when warmer weather hits….I got inked. A pin-up girl on my left arm/bicep and Medusa on my right! If anyone is gonna look….they’re getting an art exhibit with my arms! Heh.

  9. Gianna

    Thanks so much for the article! I always wear long sleeve sweatshirts over my fat, giggly arms! It’s so hot! No more! You are right…no one cares! Hell to the yes! It’s my right to bare arms! Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me I am not the only one!

  10. Robin

    I hate that I feel uncomfortable wearing tank tops. I feel worse in a tank top than I do in a bathing suit. But this is the summer that that changes! I’ve been doing yard work in tank tops, and tonight, I’m going out in one!

  11. destownes

    Wow….this has been my issue for many years…I wanted to have my arms out for my wedding but was too fearful. I still haven’t overcome the fear and don’t do things like go to the pool or beach. I just want to be free in this area of my life. It’s good to see other ladies that have overcome. Maybe one day I can too.

  12. I had no idea women had issues with showing their arms until I worked at Lane Bryant. Many women would come into the store looking for dresses and state that it can’t be sleeveless. This was many years ago. But I now understand as I plan to wear a 2-piece swimsuit this summer! GAH!! I was inspired by many plus-size bloggers last summer showing off their curves on the beach. I told myself, ‘2015, it will happen!’. I can’t wait to rock my Gabifresh jelly fish suit! The beach had best get ready!!

  13. Well said!!! I don’t have a problem at all wearing sleeveless and I know that there are many like us who also feel comfortable enough to wear sleeveless – one of the many reasons why my partner and I developed our online boutique,we know that we are not for everyone but if we can boost confidence in just one person then that makes us feel very good….http://theuniqueyou.com.au/

  14. luz

    I have the same problem my arms are so watery because I lost weight , I hang like bags , they look so ugly and I live in a city where the heat is unbearable and always try to cover with tops that clog me to the elbow or with a thin sweater those who sell to all those who have this complex , I ‘m trying to ejercitarme but I think you are going to also be my family arms is so , in fact we are all gordibuenas . I try to follow your advice and jusgarme less. Thank you.

  15. JustYourSteph

    Yes yes yes!!! I’m doing it!! This weekend I’m going shopping for tanks and gonna rock one in public!!! I’ve never showed my arms but I’ve moved to LA and its friggin hot over here and I wanna be cool this summer!! This blog totally helped me make the decision!!! Right to bare arms!!!!!! Love it!

  16. Amazing. I’ve dealt with this as well. I used to wear tights and a shirt to the beach. Now I own 6 items of swimwear, and I’ll be adding to that number promptly. It’s good to be healthy and fitness is important. But it goes a longer way feeling confident and good about one self no matter what the scale says.

  17. curvysplendour

    thanks for sharing this! It’s something I’ve always struggled with. I admit I still don’t have the same confidence. I had lap band surgery 10 years ago and lost over 100lbs but have gained back about half that after having two babies… After losing the weight my arms now sag even more with loose skin. My arms look more like thighs! :,-(

    But it’s my 9 year old daughter that reminds me “please don’t ever get skinny, I like cuddling you” 🙂

    For awhile I really wanted plastic surgery (a friend of mine had her arms done and said it was the most painful thing she ever went through and regretted it) but have come to slowly accept this is my body – it comes with scars and memories – and still works 😉

    Self acceptance and appreciation is a process that perhaps never ends!

  18. Candace Perry

    this is another instance when I so envy women of color — I still can’t accept my own pasty white, looking like a nasty plucked chicken, fleshy different sized upper arms. I also think they will offend the universe! A lovely brown large arm is much better than a horrible white one!

    • Candace, I hope you can find a way to love your arms. It’s so easy for us to compare ourselves to others — I know the feeling all too well. Try wearing a tank top at home and slowly see if you can find the courage to go sleeveless in public. It’s so freeing to not give a shit what others think. In the meantime, speak kindly to you arms, and tell them you are grateful for all they do for you. Sending love and light to you!

  19. […] “I decided that the only solution to loving my arms was to show them off more often. Though I knew I wasn’t going to feel sure of myself right away, I could certainly fake it for the time being. And that’s what I did. That experience made me realize that most people aren’t looking at me and they don’t give a rat’s ass what I’m wearing. After a summer of donning tanks and halter tops, I no longer had to fake my comfort. I was comfortable. For me the lesson is that I’m my own worst critic. When I can abandon perfectionism, even just for an hour, my whole world opens up. I become free. Free to love my arms and free to wear whatever the fuck I want.”  ―Pia Schiavo Campo […]

  20. […] Because I really want to talk STYLE. Fashion and style are not one and the same. You can have fashion, and not have style. But for me, style is about learning who you are. It evolves as you do, so it changes all the time (at least for me). Which is why I love it! That, and it’s a great way to fight stereotypes about what fat women shouldn’t wear. […]

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