1. Thank you for posting such a personal story. These issues ring true for many women, myself included. The road to truly loving ones self is a bumpy one, but oh how rewarding it is to finally be happy.

  2. So many feelings. I can not even count the amount of times I wished for surgery (or even magic sciccors to just cut whole parts of my flesh off). I have also heard similar accounts from people after having lapbad or Gastric pypass surgery. The self acceptance and love has to come first, it seems. I wish I had known you then, so I could tell you how perfect you already were. Much love. <3

  3. #SoMuchYes. Thank you for your story my love. Thank you for sharing the painful experience, the important feelings around it and the remarkable journey you are on. It is invaluable to me. I still fantasize about my body being magically transformed into the most palatable body it can be from time to time. And then I remember that THAT is not what its all about. I so appreciate your bravery in sharing this story. A story so many of us need to hear and be reminded of again and again. That it isn’t about the thighs, the belly, the breasts or the how long your arm waddle is. It’s about loving and accepting ourselves. period. Love you and love being a part of your story. <3

  4. cidstyle

    Wow what a wonderful read, very personal and touching. I’ve considered lipo many times, in my 20s I secretly wanted to go to TJ and have it done with out tell a soul! I wasn’t brave enough to do it, but looking back now it wouldn’t have made a difference. It hit me one day when I realized that all my thin girl friends were also insecure and self conscious about their bodies. It was like a lighting bolt strike, it’s not about my size b/c my very thin friends weren’t happy about their bodies either! Sometimes we don’t realize that perfection is not real and that even those who appear to be “perfect” may be struggling too! Kudos to you for sharing this story!

    • thanks cid! i think all women, no matter their size, struggle with body image and perfection. so glad to be on the journey with you! xoxo

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