1. Camie Leard

    In a post of this nature, I’m a little disappointed at the hard-core air-brushing in the last picture. Fat’s cool, but lumps, bumps, stretch marks and uneven skin tone are gross? You can’t have one without the other. There’s fat shaming happening in this post against fat shaming.

    • Camie,

      Thanks for your comment. This exactly the kind of response I hope to get. It’s good to challenged. I would, however, like to point out that the picture of the black woman in a fatkini at the top of the post, shows all her lumps and bumps in their gorgeous glory. The photo you are talking about was really meant to highlight the t-shirt. But I can see how that would turn you, and potentially others, off. I agree that we airbrush way too much. For that reason, I’m going to crop the photo so that the bottom half of the model’s airbrushed body doesn’t show. Thanks again for being a partner in calling me out on my own obliviousness. Cheers!

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