1. Everything about this post is amazing. I struggle daily too with the body mythology of thinness being more valuable than fatness. But its just mythology and being in that comfortable space is no more valuable as getting to that comfortable space in our own bodies and minds. To the journey love! Happy to be on it with YOU! <3 <3 <3.

  2. I so agree with you (and am so flattered to be mentioned <3). The stuggle is so real, to be at peace with yourself. I spent so many years coming to peace with my body. Even that can be a double edged sword. Whenever I find myself feeling like I should "eat better" or excercise, I have to tick off a mental list of "whys". Is it because I feel tired and sluggish? Or is it because I think I'll look better in a tight shirt? Is it because I want to keep my body in optimal health so I can enjoy life? Or is it because I want to look more like the work says I'm supposed to look. It's a daily struggle to be true to myself. Etc, etc, etc…When all is said and done, to be happy within myself is the best act of self love I can present to myself. Resolutions be damned, I'm just going to follow my bliss!

  3. Thanks for sharing. After many years of beating myself up for not being a “thin, petite and cute” Asian female, I have finally kicked the stereotype to the curb and accepted myself for the way I am. I am not thin or petite (but I can be cute if I want to be), and that is okay. I don’t make weight loss a resolution anymore, but I have resolved to work out regularly and eat well because I like how I feel when I do, and it is necessary for me health-wise. I know some people might even argue that I am not that big–and they’re right, there are larger women, and smaller women, but health-wise I am not doing that great and I need practice regular self-love to make sure I have a body in better condition (blood pressure, sugar levels) so I can continue living in this body. So glad to hear that weight loss isn’t on the top of your list of priorities.

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